sexta-feira, 21 de julho de 2006

"Uma guerra sem sentido"

«A pointless war that no one may have wanted and no one can win. It should stop now. (...) This is madness, and it should end. It is madness because the likelihood of Israel achieving the war aims it has set for itself is negligible. However much punishment Mr Olmert inflicts on Hizbullah, he cannot force it to submit in a way that its leaders and followers will perceive as a humiliation. Israel's first invasion of Lebanon turned into its Vietnam. It is plainly unwilling to occupy the place again. But airpower alone will never destroy every last rocket and prevent Hizbullah's fighters from continuing to send them off. No other outside force looks capable of doing the job on Israel's behalf. At present, the only way to disarm Hizbullah is therefore in the context of an agreement Hizbullah itself can be made to accept.»
(Editorial do
The Economist de hoje).
Decididamente, até o velho e conservador Economist se virou contra mais esta aventura bélica do Estado judaico. O que dirão os ventríloquos dos falcões de Telavive, sempre prontos a denunciar as cavilosas motivações dos "inimigos" de Israel?