quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

The Euro crisis in Cyprus

Commissioner Olli Rehn,

In Cyprus the Eurogroup split the Euro: Eurodeposits may now be worth less than 60% of similar amounts deposited in Germany.

Don't tell us that all was done to fight tax evasion: botched solution 1 imploded the European deposit guarantee and fell on small depositors to, actually, allow the big money laundering business to go on. And solution 2, when it came, had given enough time to most criminals to ship away their capital.

Don't tell us that all is now being done to accelerate the banking union - why don't you, Commissioner, denounce the German government, who is actively slowing it down, to suit its own electoral calendar?

Commission, Commissioner Rehn, assume your responsibilities! stop hiding behind the Troika!

If you want to move against tax evasion and impose fiscal responsibility, why have you not lifted a finger to stop capital flight in my country, Portugal, instead of letting the Troika bless the "tax amnesty" for tax evaders and other criminals, under the bailed out State budget?

(My one minute statement at EP debate today on Cyprus, with Commissioner Olli Rehn)