quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

Mr. Juncker - fight corruption & money laundering!

Mr. Juncker,

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, despite strong reservations about some of your Commissioners.
We will keep your Commission under vigilance. 
Besides the 300 billion euros put into a strategic investiment plan for growth and jobs, we want to see the European Semester implemented with smart flexibility but also solidarity - that requires Member States with superavits, such as Germany, to cease the ostrich policy and to move towards mutualizing debt management of the debts, taking in consideration the spirals generated by the Troikas' blindness in countries such as mine, Portugal.
You come from a country that, disgracefully, operates as a quasi tax haven. That puts on you, as EC President, the special obligation to commit to end banking and shareholder secrecy and schemes such as the "Luxembourg Freeport". And to put your Commission at work against the tax jungle today weakening Europe and stimulating tax criminality, money laundering, corruption and bad governance worldwide.

(My statement at the debate with Juncker! today at EP, prior to the vote on the new European Commission)