quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2016

Conselho Europeu - o desgraçado acordo EU-Turquia

"The EU-Turkey deal to outsource the refugee problem is a disgrace: it is making the EU violate human rights and international law, by detaining asylum seekers and force deporting them, without even given them the possibility to ask for asylum, via the kafkaesque Skype system supposedly in place, but not working.
Also your agreement is not working: it is not stopping people from coming over from Turkey, Libya or even Russia and certainly is not stopping the trafficking mafias - actually it is giving them more opportunities for their sordid business.
Idomeni will remain a ugly scar in our faces, as Europeans. 
Opening safe and legal routes and channels for asylum seekers and migrants applications, as Canada has done, should have been the alternative - but the Council has refused to even consider it.
President Tusk and President Juncker - the European Council and European Commission you supposedly lead failed to act last summer against your EPP pal Viktor Órban, when he defiantly refused to participate in the refugee relocation distribution scheme agreed by the Council. No wonder now you fail again to sanction the Visegrad Member States, led by Austria and masterminded by Germany, who have bombed Schengen by closing borders with Greece and who are already planning to raise fences with Italy. 
By failing to act, you are sinking Europe!"

O que eu gostaria de dizer nas caras de Tusk e Juncker, no debate em curso no plenario do PE sobre as "Conclusões do Conselho Europeu de 17/18 Março e o resultado da Cimeira UE-Turquia".  Mas estou impedida de o fazer porque as inscrições foram cortadas por descalabro do tempo (às 12h vem o PR de Portugal). Não digo, mas deixo registada como declaração escrita. Nos registos do PE e aqui.