quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2016

Segurança e Defesa Europeia

"How can citizens trust EU governments to defend them and defend national and European interests,  if they do not deliver on all what they know they have to do to fight terrorism and organized crime and make a difference in solving conflict and fostering regional and global security? 
They fail to articulate internal security and external action, civilian and military capacities,  including intelligence, and fail our citizens and even our transatlantic partners for not showing the political will nor optimizing resources under CSDP: look at northern Iraq, a front line to fight Daesh, where some MS are present, supply weapons and ammunition, training, financing, while the EU supplies humanitarian support, but without any articulation among themselves?
Can Ministers of Defense pretend to defend citizens if EU governments continue to waste tax payers money in opaque Defense contracts, that do not serve European strategic autonomy, nor an Industrial and Technological European Defense Base and actually neglect the Defense Procurement Directives, the EU Common Position on Arms Exports and even the EU Action Plan against CBRN threats or the pressing needs against cyber warfare? 
And can EU governments and institutions pretend to defend citizens and European and even national interests if they continue the race into the bottom in taxation among themselves and continue to enable corruption, organized crime and terrorism be financed through the offshore system, including tax havens existing in the EU? This is about our security and defense, as well!"

Estas foram as questões que coloquei à Ministra da Defesa da Holanda, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, na Conferência Interparlamentar (PE e parlamentos nacionais) a decorrer na Haia, organizada pela presidência holandesa da UE. 
Em resposta a Ministra disse não partilhar a lógica "eles e nós", todos somos responsáveis, bla, bla,bla... E não via nenhuma "corrida para o fundo" na fiscalidade entre Estados Membros. Enfim! ilustrou bem porque é que a Europa está na crise em que está!....