quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016

Processo de Paz Médio Oriente moribundo e cada vez mais mortal...

"As long as we are in Government, there wont be a Palestinian state, settlements wont be evacuated and no territory will be turn over to the enemy". 
These words, uttered last May by a young Israeli woman who happens to be Justice Minister, show she knows what is needed to make peace but chooses war.
This desperate denial of the existential danger Israel faces for letting die the Peace Process, the cry of despair that President Abbas let out here at the European Parliament last month, the cries of despair we hear in the open air prison that is Gaza or in occupied West Bank, the cries of despair heard every time Palestinian kids stab Israeli kids, all tell us how the status quo is untenable - you, Ms Mogherini, just said there is not even a "status quo" and that darker terrors loom.
Palestinians, Israelis, the region, the EU, the world, cannot afford further escalation.
But just issuing this dead Quartet late report is not enough, no matter how  relevant are its conclusions. The French Conference recommended reviving the Arab Peace Initiative. Please consider mobilizing this Parliament to engage in a meaningful Initiative through which you can make the difference, to overcome  any opposition or discord  you may face from EU Governments.
The time has come for you, Ms. Mogherini, to be bold and make a difference. Make the difference, please, Ms. Mogherini!"

(Minha intervenção no debate sobre Processo de Paz do Médio Oriente, no Plenário do PE, esta tarde)