quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Quando a Etiópia se revoltar, toda a África estremecerá

"In Ethiopia, two days ago, Yonatan Tesfaye, spokesperson for the opposition Blue Party, was declared guilty of encouraging terrorism, facing imprisonment up to 20 years, for comments he made on Facebook.
Last November, Dr Merera Gudina, the Oromo opposition leader, was arrested and tortured upon his return to Ethiopia under terrorism charges. For the "crime" of participating in a public hearing, here at the European Parliament, with Dr. Berhanu Nega, another opposition leader democratically elected in 2005, then sent to jail, now in exile and deemed a terrorist. Thousands political prisoners languish in jail in Ethiopia.
Jailed by a totalitarian government never elected, the last farcical "election" emulating North Korea, putting the ruling party to win by 100 % votes...
This violation of human rights in Ethiopia is systematic and aggravated under the state of emergency. Excessive force against peaceful demonstrators, massacres as in Irreecha, brutalizing victims of the garbage dump landslide last March, brutal repression against the Oromo community and other ethnic groups, arbitrary arrests, torture, killings, terrorism charges against those daring to dissent.
In this resolution we call on the EU High Representative to mobilize EU Member States to support a UN led international inquiry into the killings in Ethiopia.
Commission and Council must stop the pretense that they deal with a respectful government in Ethiopia to justify wasting piles of EU tax payers money as development aid, security assistance or the "migration compact". They are in fact assisting a corrupt dictatorship which rules by terror, thus fueling rebellion and insecurity. Ethiopia is, indeed, strategic: when Ethiopians revolt, all Africa will tremble."

(Minha intervenção hoje, em debate plenário no PE, sobre a situação dos direitos humanos na Etiópia. Feita em inglês, tendo em atenção os principais interessados: os corajosos etíopes que resistem  contra a ditadura, no interior do país e na diáspora).