quarta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2017

Polónia - Estado de Direito violado

"It is because we love and admire Poland and the Polish people that we must react to the ongoing attack by the Kaczyński/Szydło government of Poland against the independence of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court.
Because not respecting the independence of the judiciary amounts to abuse of power and violation the rule of the law and we are already seeing many other grave implications, in the muzzling of the media, the intimidation of political opposers, the obscurantist gender discrimination against Polish women, etc...
To the point that Piotr, a Polish Yan Pallach, recently felt he had to replicate in Warsaw the desperate self-immolation of Prague, 1969, under totalitarian occupation.
Ominously, alarmingly, 60.000 nazis marched in Warsaw last weekend and the Minister of Interior of the Kaczyński/Szydło government lauded them and echoed their racist, white supremacist slogans.
Vice President Timmermans, Commission:
Do not delay triggering action under art. 7 of TFEU against this Polish government. Before those nazi-fascists disgrace further Poland! And the European Union!"

Minha contribuição para debate plenário no PE  "Estado de Direito na Polónia", esta manhã.