terça-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2017

Situação dos migrantes na Líbia

"Stop the fiction that's there is a Libyan Coast Guard for the EU to train in Libya. What EU Member States, such as Italy, have been paying  is militia, who fight each other to exploit the traffic of human beings, or of arms, drugs, whatever.

Yes, they operate horrendous detention camps and sell migrants and refugees as slaves, "ahti" they call them. As in Kadaffi days, as recalled here.

Infighting between militia competing to "take care" of migrants for the EU recently destroyed Sabratha. By not opening safe and controlled ways for migrants and asylum seekers, the sad truth is, Europe feeds the human traffickers business. 

And it is big business and terrorist networks, such as Al QAeda and  Daesh, are taking the profits and bringing the security threat closer to us in Europe.

It is time to stop the fiction that there is migration management and governance in Libya, be it from President Serraj or criminal General Heftar.

It's time that EU Member States wake up and demand action at the UN, together with the African Union. To dispatch a robust international force well inside Libya to expel terrorist groups, bring about SSR/DDR for Libyans with Libyans, for without that there will be no governance in Libya.

Yes, that will have to mean also European boots on the ground. Many boots on the ground. After all, it's our own security that is at stake in Libya. The more we delay it, the more it will cost in African and, possibly, European lives".

Minha intervenção no debate sobre "A situação dos migrantes na Líbia" esta noite, no plenário do PE. Em inglês, para uns tantos não se fazerem desentendidos...